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We are
a catering company
focused on high end
quality food and services

We are a team of entrepreneurs with driven innovative and creativity. We are extremely experience in hospitality, catering and restaurant management. Delivering successful business is our ultimate goal in the company. In our decades of unending services with our clients we promise to share our full pledge knowledge on developing and creating your dream business.

Al Sultan Sweets Franchise

Al Sultan Sweets was established in Dubai, Middle East in 1997. Specializing in the production of Oriental and Arabic sweets & pastries of various products range. Our success has allowed us to established a strong awareness in U.A.E Arabic Sweets & Pastry market through our 9 branches located in different Cities of the U.A.E. Further our headquarter is located in Dubai which allows us to operate all branches easily. Each pastry is made of healthy and organic products. Like Vegetable Margarine, Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios which are grown by passionate farmers choosing only highest standards for Al Sultan Sweets. Proof of dedication and cleanliness, we are certified by the International Organization for Standardization and International Superior Taste Award.

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We are the authorized company to arrange the franchise of RoboCoff in UAE. Taste the future, at the first ever cafe operated by Robots. For the first time in U.A.E

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We are
a catering company
focused on high end quality food and services